Growth is in our DNA

Hi there 🙂

Firstly, I just have to say thank you for giving me a bit of your time. It means the world. Let’s cut straight to the chase…

You’re probably wondering “Who are these guys? Can they actually help me, or are they just going to waste my money?”.

SpikeMedia is a ROI-driven digital marketing agency. What does this mean? We use your money to market your business to your target audience with one objective – maximise your return on investment.

SpikeMedia is a medium through which I am able to help my team and my clients grow and prosper. It is my mission to show my clients what real customer service looks like, and to bring a refreshing energy into business.

As of now, we are only a year old but have already helped dozens of businesses leverage digital marketing to transform their business and grow their leads / sales. We are a young company, but we’re an ambitious company creating history every single day.

We are SpikeMedia. Your uber-creative, no bull-shit, ROI-driven digital marketing team of legends.

I welcome you friend 🙂


Our Mission

To help organisations around the world become more customer-centric by implementing simple, digital marketing strategies that take the hassle out of customer-acquisition.

Why SpikeMedia? Simple.

We value exactly what
you want from an agency.


Our business doesn’t exist with you, so it is your right to be looked after. We communicate consistently and listen to your needs. We will always think outside of the box on your behalf and suggest the very best way to utilise digital to empower and grow your business.


We are only as reliable as our word, so when we say we are going to do something, we deliver. Since we understand that delays in communication or deliverables cost you time and money, we make it an absolute priority to remain responsive and reliable.


We market your business as we would our very own. We know that no marketing activity is an end, but a means to an end so we always ensure that we are working towards outcomes and ultimately your return on investment.


The single most important asset. Spike does not and WILL not waste your time. This isn't our first rodeo, we cut right through the bullsh*t and get straight to the point with everything we do.

Are you ready to
Spike your leads/sales?

I mean you're reading this, so we're going to assume you are. We've made your next step very simple, just confirm that you meet all the criteria below BEFORE clicking that big pinkish-red button:

Who this is FOR:

  • Businesses at any stage that provide high-value services OR products
  • Those FULLY committed to the growth of their business and who are willing to have skin in the game
  • Those who like to get sh** done

Who this is NOT for:

  • Those who think success happens overnight
  • Those NOT seriously willing to invest their time / money in digital marketing

We know this is an important decision so what we like to do is provide you with value right off the bat via a 30 minute consultation. Here we officially make each others acquaintance before putting ourselves in your shoes and showing you exactly what we would be doing to grow your business (as if it were our very own). No obligation, no nothing. Just a 30 minute chat via phone or video call, whichever you prefer. Click the big button below to fill out some details about you and your business that will help us have a MUCH more productive call. We hope to see you on the other side!