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With over 17 million monthly active users in Australia alone on Facebook, we leverage every ounce of data related to your target demographic to drive brand awareness, build interest and generate you leads and sales around the clock.

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Flood your business with ready-to-buy leads and sales each month with Facebook Ads!

If you are looking for explosive growth in the next 90 days, then look no further as Facebook Advertising has the power to send your business revenue soaring via unparalleled targeting options.

At SpikeMedia, we’re experts at finding that one golden key that unlocks astronomical growth for your business. How? By endlessly researching and doing our homework to find exactly what drives your prospect to make buying decisions.

Once we find it, we let loose, aggressively split testing various offers and ways to win your prospects over.  We target prospects based on age, gender, location, interests, what books they’ve read recently, which celebrities they follow, and much, much more. All with one aim, flood your pipeline with leads and sales.

Killer Facebook Ads that compel prospects to stop scrolling and take action

The context of Facebook is extremely unique. Primarily used for leisure, the true art of Facebook Advertising is capturing your prospects attention and keeping it until they perform the desired action.  We create direct-response sales copywriting and ad design to ensure we get the right people to click and take ACTION.

Our Process

1. Audience & Market Research

Conduct comprehensive audience research based on your market. We’ll identify the mass desires that drive customer buying-decisions to leverage throughout our advertising message.

2. Study your service offering & value proposition

We’ll identify what makes you unique and separated you from the pack. These findings, along with the market research will be used

3. Highly engaging direct-response ads

Direct-response sales copywriting and ad design to ensure we get the right people to click and take action.

4. Aggressive split-testing and optimisation

We aggressively split test ad sets and creatives to drive your cost per acquisition down and your ROI up.

Trusted by savvy business owners

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from some of our most successful clients…

Sarika KapoorOwner, Pre Uni College

Great agency, delivering clear measurable results! George is a true professional who has the knowledge and the skillset to execute results week-on-week. Extremely glad we chose to grow our brand with them.

Gina GonzalezPrincipal, Seaforth Dance Academy

100% recommend Spike Media, George and his team are outstanding and the service is unparalleled. So glad to have found them.

James CantOwner, JCF Coaching

I came to SpikeMedia with a broken website and marketing that just wasn’t cutting it. Within 3 months George and his team built me a brand new site and continue to drive my cost per acquisition down via Google and Facebook Advertising. Our ROI is well over 400%. If you want to grow your business, these guys will make it happen!

George GuseDirector, Atlas Renewables

What can I say, George is a weapon! I Was super impressed with Spike Media. They scoped out my project, communicated with me all the way, finished ahead of schedule and smashed it out of the park. Would and am recommending SpikeMedia to all my contacts!

Farouk IsmailCEO, Pay Later Travel

We’ve been self managing our marketing campaigns for the past 3 months and were just breaking even. After engaging SpikeMedia, they introduced us to the magical world of Google AdWords and the rest is history. Each dollar we’ve spent with George and his team at Spike has resulted in $20 back. This has truly changed the trajectory of PLT and has allowed us to focus on better serving our customers.

Ann HassaratiOwner, Ann Hassarati Makeup

SpikeMedia delivered exceptional customer service. George went above and beyond when creating my website and meeting my deadline. He is creative, very knowledgeable and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all your efforts. Greatly appreciated and would certainly recommend your services. Ann Hassarati 🙂

Why do businesses choose us?


Our business doesn’t exist with you, so it is your right to be looked after. We communicate consistently and listen to your needs. We will always think outside of the box on your behalf and suggest the very best way to utilise digital to empower and grow your business.


We are only as reliable as our word, so when we say we are going to do something, we deliver. Since we understand that delays in communication or deliverables cost you time and money, we make it an absolute priority to remain responsive and reliable.


We market your business as we would our very own. We know that no marketing activity is an end, but a means to an end so we always ensure that we are working towards outcomes and ultimately your return on investment.


The single most important asset. Spike does not and WILL not waste your time. This isn't our first rodeo, we cut right through the bullsh*t and get straight to the point with everything we do.

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