Results-driven SEO that increases revenue, not just rankings.

Fully managed SEO by a results-driven team dedicated to increasing your revenue, not just rankings. Explode your sales, increase your market share and dominate your market by connecting with your prospects at all stages of the buying cycle.

Why rankings are great but revenue is better.

Most SEO agencies focus on rankings, and while rankings are important what good are they if they aren’t making a positive impact on your ROI! At SpikeMedia, we track and measure our performance by one simple metric, ROI. In order to achieve a positive ROI with SEO, you must get 2 things right:

Firstly you must be generating quality traffic, filled with prospects that are actually in the market to buy your services. Lastly, you must optimise your website to effectively convert cold traffic into warm traffic and then ultimately into leads and sales for your business. Our prioritisation of these two aspects is what makes SEO with SpikeMedia so unique.

Do you know which part of the buying cycle your potential customers are at?

Search engines present an extremely unique marketing opportunity that no other platform comes close to. Whether your prospects are in “buy-mode” or still gathering information, SEO allows you to provide value at all stages of the buying cycle.

It all comes down to assessing the “intent” behind a certain keyword. At SpikeMedia, we are experts at deciphering whether a visitor is coming in red-hot to buy or just wanting to gather information.

In either case, we compel prospects to engage with your brand at all stages, whether it be to download a free report, request a consultation or purchase your product.

Our SEO Process.

1. Site audit & Keyword Research

Conduct comprehensive keyword research based on the commercial nature of the keyword, the search volume, relevancy and buyer intent.

2. On-site Optimisation

We ensure your site is up to scratch for scraping by the major search engines. This involves improving site speed, optimising content and much, much more.

3. Off-site Optimisation & Link Building

70% of our time is spent off-site acquiring valuable links on other directories and influential industry sites. The more social proof you have in the form of links to your website, the higher your ranking potential will be.

4. Optimisation & Reporting

We analyse our performance daily, and constantly scout the web for more ranking opportunities. We detail each move we make and provide monthly reports presenting all key metrics such as monthly visits, conversion rate and true ROI.

What is the SpikeMedia difference?

Unwavering commitment to growth.

We know small business because we used to be one. We understand the excitement but also the challenge of growing a passion into a thriving machine and so we are committed to continued learning and strategising, and moving with the changing digital tides so that you have a digital marketing strategy that rocks.

Unparalleled account management.

We are a boutique agency meaning you are more than a number to us; you are an extension of our team and we'd like to think that we're an extension of yours. Our account managers here at SpikeMedia handle no more than 10 accounts each. What does this mean? Responsive, reliable and personalised attention for all of our clients.

Diversity of thought and experience.

We're not just marketing people. SpikeMedia is made up of a passionate and carefully selected team of computer scientists, savvy programmers, advertising creatives and digital tech nerds who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. What does this mean? Your digital marketing strategies will be heavily considered, debated, and wholistic.

Clear and transparent processes.

For some of you, the digital marketing landscape is a scary one. But we can assure you that Spike WILL not waste your time with technical jargon and unnecessary mumbo jumbo. From our audit process through to our strategies, we cut right through the bullsh*t and get straight to the point with clear, concise and timely communications.


Hear some kind words and feedback from some of our most successful clients. 

Sarika KapoorOwner, Pre Uni College

Great agency, delivering clear measurable results! George is a true professional who has the knowledge and the skillset to execute results week-on-week. Extremely glad we chose to grow our brand with them.

Gina GonzalezPrincipal, Seaforth Dance Academy

100% recommend Spike Media, George and his team are outstanding and the service is unparalleled. So glad to have found them.

James CantOwner, JCF Coaching

I came to SpikeMedia with a broken website and marketing that just wasn’t cutting it. Within 3 months George and his team built me a brand new site and continue to drive my cost per acquisition down via Google and Facebook Advertising. Our ROI is well over 400%. If you want to grow your business, these guys will make it happen!

George GuseDirector, Atlas Renewables

What can I say, George is a weapon! I Was super impressed with Spike Media. They scoped out my project, communicated with me all the way, finished ahead of schedule and smashed it out of the park. Would and am recommending SpikeMedia to all my contacts!

Farouk IsmailCEO, Pay Later Travel

We’ve been self managing our marketing campaigns for the past 3 months and were just breaking even. After engaging SpikeMedia, they introduced us to the magical world of Google AdWords and the rest is history. Each dollar we’ve spent with George and his team at Spike has resulted in $20 back. This has truly changed the trajectory of PLT and has allowed us to focus on better serving our customers.

Ann HassaratiOwner, Ann Hassarati Makeup

SpikeMedia delivered exceptional customer service. George went above and beyond when creating my website and meeting my deadline. He is creative, very knowledgeable and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all your efforts. Greatly appreciated and would certainly recommend your services. Ann Hassarati 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about something? Check out the top questions we get asked by business owners just like you. If you have a question that’s not listed here then just click the chat button on the bottom right of the screen or click here to scroll down to leave your details.

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Whether you have heard it before or not, these three letters can create explosive growth for your business.

At its core, SEO is about optimising websites for ranking in search engines. So what determines your rank in search engines, and how can we leverage this to increase rankings, you ask?

You’ve likely heard of the infamous “Google ranking algorithm” before, right? This is essentially the computer code that takes a user input (a search) and spits out the most meaningful results to the user on a search results page (SERP). There are over 200 ranking factors that go into this algorithm, some far more important than others.

Therefore, SEO is all about exploiting the most important ranking factors so that the cards are stacked in your favour.

How much does SEO cost?

As a general rule of thumb, for decent SEO you should expect to pay at least $1500 for 6 months. If this is drastically outside of your budget, then we recommend you find a solo SEO freelancer, as they typically can be a fraction of the cost. Just always remember, you pay for what you get.

What SEO traps should I be aware of?

To help you make the most educated decision, here are some critical questions you should ask an SEO freelancer or agency before you decide to hire them:

Agencies who guarantee first page rankings or your “money back”: It’s impossible to guarantee such a thing as Googles algorithms are consistent updating. Not only that, let’s say that you do hire them and things go haywire and they live up to their guarantee and give you your money back or “work for free” until they do… then you’ve just lost precious time that could’ve gone in to actually grow your business. Time is money, so don’t let guarantees like this waste yours.

How long before I see results from SEO?

It varies due to two crucial factors, competition and budget. It’s far easier to rank on page one for obscure terms that have little to no competition. On the other hand, it’s very hard to rank highly on pages that have hundreds of businesses trying to compete for the attention of a prospect.

The second factor is your budget. If we compare 2 businesses doing SEO for the same search terms, the business with the deeper pockets will win 9 times out of 10. Why? Because they are able to spend more money on copywriting, video creation, images etc to create a BETTER experience for the searcher. Not only this they are able to expand their keyword list and optimise their site for far more searches, thus reaching YOUR prospects at every stage of the buying cycle.

Luckily, at SpikeMedia we employ advanced SEO tactics that have helped David’s beat Goliaths. Generally speaking, we will start to see positive signs from our efforts after the 3-4 week mark, however, it usually takes 2-3 months before some noticeable shifts in site traffic take place. SEO is a long-term strategy, but if done right can be the most cost-effective way of acquiring customers in the next 120 days for your business.