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Read this if you want to grow your revenue without stress, complexity and overwhelm.

George Amine, Head of Strategy
SpikeMedia HQ – Pyrmont, Sydney
Wednesday 1:29pm

Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this then that means you are looking to scale your business in the most simple, stress-free way possible.

Right about now is when I should start arousing your interest and building your desire for our “irresistable offer”. But the cold-hard truth is…

This is not for everyone.

The reason I say this is because we’re not one of those “high-volume / poor quality” type agencies looking for short-term cash.

We’re looking for mind-blowing success stories, case studies… and above all customers we are aligned with.

So who is this for George?

for us to be of any value to your business you must fit within the following 3 criteria…

  1. You must be running a successful business turning over at least $250k per year
  2. You must be a fan of marketing / advertising (because this is precisely what we do)

But the absolute number 1 you must have a relentless commitment to the growth of your business

From twiddling their thumbs to hiring a full-time sales rep

Take a client I picked up 3 months ago who owns a successful private tuition business and aspiring franchise. (Out of respect for them I can’t share their name)

They were actively running small-scale boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram and were having some success, but the quality was mostly poor and the leads weren’t consistent.

They were twiddling their thumbs, trying to strategise how to scale revenue.

They literally compared it to the frustration of getting that last bit of tomato sauce out the bottle, smashing the bottom of the bottle hoping to get something out.

Fast-forward 3 short months and we’ve successfully generated 396 quality leads, filling up their sales pipeline beyond imagination.

8% of which have converted into paying customers for their business. And dozens more about to close within the next week.

Oh, and did I mention each customer is worth $10k to their bottom line over their lifetime!

So many leads they had to hire their first sales rep whose sole responsibility was to manage the inbound leads. (I call these good problems!!!)

And all it took was 1 Facebook ad. Yes, that’s right.. 1 Facebook ad.

Acquiring ready-to-buy leads cheaper than a box of thumbtacks

Did you know the online travel space is a $1B industry in Australia?

2 months ago, Pay Later Travel approached us for a simplified market penetration strategy to reach more Australians with their book now, pay later service for flights.

The demand was clearly there. Their service was spectacular. All we did was marry the two.

And the rest is history.

We assessed their existing marketing, extracted what worked well, and ignored what didn’t.

We then dove deep into their market, studying their perfect buyer, what their frustrations were, and most importantly what emotions are associated with these frustrations.

Our combined Google and Facebook Advertising campaigns increased their flight sales by 985% and counting!

To this day our campaigns are consistently bringing in dozens of leads per day for $1.86 each, cheaper than a box of thumbtacks!

From trickling in leads to market domination!

When Rent Instead (now Australias fastest growing rental company) approached us they were boosting posts with $40 bucks here, $100 bucks there.

Although their marketing was very sporadic they were generating traction and their sales process was on point. They were growing and credit to them!

However, they clearly weren’t leveraging the full power of Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Our strategy was simple, use the native Facebook Lead Generation campaign objective to push irresistible offers to their audience and let their sales process work its magic.

From the very first month, our campaigns started bringing in literally hundreds of leads each week for just over $3 per lead. 

Like a  defibrillator, it completely shocked their systems.

It applied so much (good) pressure on their business it forced them to set up an off-shore sales team of 4 to handle them.

This set them on a trajectory for market domination!

But don’t just take our word for it…

“We’ve been self managing our marketing campaigns for the past 3 months and were just breaking even. After engaging SpikeMedia, they introduced us to the magical world of Google AdWords and the rest is history. Each dollar we’ve spent with George and his team at Spike has resulted in $20 back. This has truly changed the trajectory of PLT and has allowed us to focus on better serving our customers.”

Farouk Ismail, Pay Later Travel

“I came to SpikeMedia with a broken website and marketing that just wasn’t cutting it. Within 3 months George and his team built me a brand new site and continue to drive my cost per acquisition down via Google and Facebook Advertising. Our ROI is well over 400%. If you want to grow your business, these guys will make it happen!”

James Cant, JCF Coaching

"Great agency, delivering clear measurable results! George is a true professional who has the knowledge and the skillset to execute results week-on-week. Extremely glad we chose to grow our brand with them."

Sarika Kapoor, Pre Uni College

"What can I say, George is a weapon! I Was super impressed with Spike Media. They scoped out my project, communicated with me all the way, finished ahead of schedule and smashed it out of the park. Would and am recommending SpikeMedia to all my contacts!""

George Guse, Atlas Renewables

"100% recommend Spike Media, George and his team are outstanding and the service is unparalleled. So glad to have found them."

Gina Gonzalez, Seaforth Dance Academy

So what do these success stories have in common?

Obviously, my team and I worked our assess off to get our clients results.

We did our research, we took the time to study both their market AND their product/service. Then we simply married the two with compelling advertising.

But more importantly…

They all were committed to optimising their sales process so they got the biggest bang for buck

We might just be able to give you results like these!