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“We’ve been self managing our marketing campaigns for the past 3 months and were just breaking even. After engaging SpikeMedia, they introduced us to the magical world of Google AdWords and the rest is history. Each dollar we’ve spent with George and his team at Spike has resulted in $20 back. This has truly changed the trajectory of PLT and has allowed us to focus on better serving our customers.”

Farouk Ismail, Pay Later Travel

“I came to SpikeMedia with a broken website and marketing that just wasn’t cutting it. Within 3 months George and his team built me a brand new site and continue to drive my cost per acquisition down via Google and Facebook Advertising. Our ROI is well over 400%. If you want to grow your business, these guys will make it happen!”

James Cant, JCF Coaching

"What can I say, George is a weapon! I Was super impressed with Spike Media. They scoped out my project, communicated with me all the way, finished ahead of schedule and smashed it out of the park. Would and am recommending SpikeMedia to all my contacts!""

George Guse, Atlas Renewables

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