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The Business-Owner’s Dream

Imagine generating new business around the clock without moving a muscle. Now that you’re there, imagine what impact it would have on your business… on your life.  Imagine each morning you wake up to an inbox full of leads and a bank account full of new sales.

As a business owner, your role should not be FINDING new business opportunities, but sifting through the endless amount of opportunities that are finding YOU. All while you focus on the stuff that matters, like your customer service, your employee satisfaction and most importantly your personal life.

The fact that you are reading this means that this is the exact transformation you’ve been looking for, and for that you should give yourself a lot of credit. I’m here to tell you some good news… this dream can be your reality! It can happen for ANY business that is committed to making it happen, especially YOURS. All it takes are 2 important changes in mindset.

  • You must realise the significant role that digital marketing plays in business today (this one you can already tick off or else you wouldn’t be here). This is by far the most important step.
  • You have to be willing to invest in the right people (or business) to make it happen for you. An expert who understands how to put your dollars to hard work so that you receive 2x, 3x, 10x return on investment. Someone who takes the time to understand not only your business but you.

SpikeMedia has been helping business across dozens of verticals do just this –  go from the grind of searching for new customers to implementing an automated lead and sales generation machine. How do we do it? Through a methodology called ‘Value-centred Marketing’ (you can read all about it below if you keep scrolling).

Finding the right agency to help you achieve your goals is a very important decision for you to make, as it will be the difference between your business growing and it remaining stagnant. So let’s keep things very light, and start with a free 30 minute consultation filled with some SERIOUS value right off the bat for you.

Here we’ll have the opportunity to officially meet one another before we put ourselves in your shoes and show you exactly what we would be doing to grow your business (as if it were our very own). No obligation, no nothing. Just a 30 minute chat with a digital strategist via phone or video call, whichever you prefer. Click the big button below to fill out some details about your business that will help us have a MUCH more productive call. We hope to see you on the other side, friend 🙂

Value-centred Marketing

A 4-step framework for creating a lead/sales generation machine for any business, every-time.

Let’s cut straight to the chase, we have a proven strategy for generating leads and sales on autopilot for ANY business, and it’s all centred around providing real value unconditionally and letting sweet karma work her magic. I implore you, provide value at all stages of your sales/marketing cycle and you WILL be rewarded for it. There’s a great quote that reads “The best way to show someone you can help them is by actually helping them”. We live by it, and so should you. Read on for a little insight into our process.

1. Traffic Generation

We take a very systematic approach when generating traffic. We look at the complete Search and Social scope and choose 1 area to focus on and master. Once this is done, we branch out into other traffic channels. Always with the goal of bringing highly qualified traffic to your site for as cheap as possible.

2. Conversion

Our company evolved from a dedicated-conversion optimisation business, needless to say we know what it takes to compel site visitors to take action. It all starts with the value proposition, succinctly explaining to visitors why it is they should care about you and how you can help them.

3. Remarketing

Almost all visitors don’t convert on their first visit, especially if you are in the high-value service industry or sell very expensive physical products. Whether it be Email Marketing, Retargeting, Blogging or using Social Media, we make sure that we are consistently in front of your visitors providing them with more and more value until they are so motivated to reach out.

4. Automation

This is where the real fun happens, setting up automated funnels to nurture prospects with irresistible value, slowly moving them down the conversion funnel to ultimately become a lead or sale. This, quite literally, gives us the ability to create a machine that consistently churns out qualified leads while you sleep.

What is the SpikeMedia difference?

Unwavering commitment to growth.

We know small business because we used to be one. We understand the excitement but also the challenge of growing a passion into a thriving machine and so we are committed to continued learning and strategising, and moving with the changing digital tides so that you have a digital marketing strategy that rocks.

Unparalleled account management.

We are a boutique agency meaning you are more than a number to us; you are an extension of our team and we'd like to think that we're an extension of yours. Our account managers here at SpikeMedia handle no more than 10 accounts each. What does this mean? Responsive, reliable and personalised attention for all of our clients.

Diversity of thought and experience.

We're not just marketing people. SpikeMedia is made up of a passionate and carefully selected team of computer scientists, savvy programmers, advertising creatives and digital tech nerds who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. What does this mean? Your digital marketing strategies will be heavily considered, debated, and wholistic.

Clear and transparent processes.

For some of you, the digital marketing landscape is a scary one. But we can assure you that Spike WILL not waste your time with technical jargon and unnecessary mumbo jumbo. From our audit process through to our strategies, we cut right through the bullsh*t and get straight to the point with clear, concise and timely communications.

Digital Strategy

Search Marketing

Websites & Ecommerce

Conversion Optimisation

Are you ready to
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Who this is FOR:

  • Businesses at any stage that provide high-value services OR products
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  • Those who like to get sh** done

Who this is NOT for:

  • Those who think success happens overnight
  • Those NOT seriously willing to invest their time / money in digital marketing

We know this is an important decision so what we like to do is provide you with value right off the bat via a 30 minute consultation. Here we officially make each others acquaintance before putting ourselves in your shoes and showing you exactly what we would be doing to grow your business (as if it were our very own). No obligation, no nothing. Just a 30 minute chat via phone or video call, whichever you prefer. Click the big button below to fill out some details about you and your business that will help us have a MUCH more productive call. We hope to see you on the other side!